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Notes on Dimensional Time [2010-18]

4D processes generally are easier to demonstrate than explain, a dynamic arising from the convergence of immaterial and material in 4D. Time and the image provide a reliable construct for presenting predictive characteristics in 4D analytics.

In 2010 my newlywed wife and I relocated to NYC from SoCal. I performed an extensive photo documentation of the first phase in the City. Almost eight years (to the day) have passed, and we are making preparations again to relocate, this time to the Pacific Northwest coast of the USA [Astoria, OR]. I want to draw attention to the content of the Notes on Dimensional Time [nodt][nyc2010] photoset, to show how the 4D artist in the flow of 4D processing/analysis will produce proof of the presence of the waveform cycle that exists, and can be perceived, if she only points the lens of perception at the correct thing, event, person, etc.

To provide expansion in commentary, to anecdotally reveal connections across time in space with formations and constructs of many kinds, is the work of perhaps months' 4D academic course. I won't attempt it in a blog post, and the images can speak for themselves, to the attentive viewer and dimensional historian. I will suggest that understanding the unfolding 8 [past] years is improved through a review of the particular selections I am emphasizing, extracted from the [nodt][nyc2010] photoset. Surfing the entire collection of images is of course, better, more thorough.

Human experience involves coming and going. The nature of our movement in time, or what we define as time (artificially), is inherently complicated. The integrating features of our perceptions in changes that include movement and time are convoluted. If one attempts to analyze complicated, convoluted 4D movement and attaching human experience, vision, perception/interpretation in less-than-4D terms, the outcome will naturally be a failure, a false impression, a fictional narrative. Better to see the past and present in a neutral state, if you are concerned about veracity in analysis, much less assessing potential futures.