[UPDATE (JULY 2012)]: The OWS/NYCGA Arts & Culture working group is no longer holding regular meetings. Occupy with Art, which is still operational, will continue our diverse art activities on behalf of the 99% as an independent organization. Over the next few months, OwA will be reforming our collective substantially. We appreciate your patience, as this website is updated between now and September 17, 2012 (the 1-year anniversary of OWS) to reflect new developments, organizational focus and membership. 

[This is our previous mission statement]:

Occupy with Art (formerly Occupennial) is an affinity group of the Arts & Culture working group. We are artists, writers, curators, and art professionals lending our skills to produce art, cultural events and projects, with a particular focus on OWS itself as a social art process. We work with organizations and artists that require a focused team to facilitate their projects. We produce art projects, large-scale events, and exhibitions.

Our website,, serves as an information hub for current and past art-related activities in the OWS movement.

We are committed to building relationships within OWS and with outside arts organizations.

Contact: [OwA co-organizer Paul McLean]