4D+ Art: Reading List

These texts (along with Flatland) provide a fundamental introduction to the discipline. Henderson's book has been the go-to art historical resource going on a couple of decades, now. A new chapter in the latest printing adds much needed material. The Fourth Dimension... contains excellent research and approaches 4D+ primarily through the lens of the epistemological, which is a quarter of the story. Mueller's Elements... is as far as I know the first 4D primer. The linking of art & design in the text I am not down with, and I'm not down with the author's basic definition of 4D for art (Time). Yet, the Elements... is a great first classroom text, very user friendly for teachers and students. I'm a big fan of the manifesto. Rudy Rucker is a unique figure and to my mind just the best ambassador for the discipline.

Artie takes the 4D & makes it real/not-real.



Let's get this out of the way. What is 4D Art? Here's a working, minimal definition: the 4Dimension is where material things and immaterial (not-things) perceptibly mingle. Artists can utilize this 4D condition to make art that makes better sense as a multi-dimensional Thing (not-thing). For example - art that exists IRL and also has a virtual "existence" online.

Poppy is a good reference.


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